Thus begins the unraveling of a decades’ old mystery, with the requisite twists, suspects, and secrets, in playwright Cyndy A. Marion’s engaging reflection on love, jealousy, and mass media manipulation.

Stage Raw (Los Angeles) BROKEN STORY Listed as one of their top 10 picks!

 BROKEN STORY is a fascinating replay (with some surprises) of a Hollywood headliner murder. It is entertaining and absorbing.

Splash Magazine (Los Angeles)

An exquisitely crafted play supported by truly masterful performances, and the layered and secretive universe it creates is as intense as it is compelling.

NoHoArtsDistrict on BROKEN STORY 

 A well-written and well-directed Hollywood murder mystery that not only held my interest, but found me caring about the characters and ending. Bravo! 

Theater with a Twist on BROKEN STORY

After you've seen more Broadway plays that one can count, it's amazing when a production really stands out...Cyndy Marion has redefined the narrative of one of America’s saddest moments. She has taken us to a place of understanding by pulling back the veil of a forbidden subject. An event many want to suppress and forget, instead of forgive.

Scott Cowan, Spotlight Magazine on YOU ARE PERFECT

This site-specific immersive work is right at home in the elegant 2nd floor rooms of the The Players Club by Gramercy Park...The performers played with the appropriate mixture of high seriousness, desperation and camp to get the maximum impact from this mid-70s Tennessee Williams nearly hour-long play... 

Mark Savitt, Hi! Drama on A CAVALIER FOR MILADY

You Are Perfect is a play that offers a convincing study of humanity in dire conditions, both in a descent into despair and in a slow recovery from a painful nadir. The strong performances of this show's cast and the bravery of the script, mean that this show deserves attention from audiences. 

Randy McDonald, Mooney on Theatre (Toronto)

The mercurial quality of imagination is captured in every aspect of the highly imaginative YOU ARE PERFECT – writing, directing, acting, staging.

Raphael Badagliacca, The Front Row Center on YOU ARE PERFECT

I want to start by giving Cyndy A. Marion credit for her outstanding work. You can feel the passion of her work throughout every aspect of this production. The set, designed by Andis Gjoni, helped transport us to this jungle with ease. Debra Leigh Siegel, the lighting designer, made sure to set the mood perfectly as the rest of the team completes the director's vision in unison.

Manhattan with a Twist on EYES FOR CONSUELA

The material dealing with the Sharon Tate murders is still fascinating almost half a century later. This show has a special resonance and poignancy because actress Nancy Wolfe played Susan in the famous 1976 TV movie "Helter Skelter". This compact 80 minute production highlights the young woman's fears and delusions as well as the older woman's hard won insights. THIS IS A LITTLE GEM OF A SHOW.

Mark Savitt, Hi! Drama on YOU ARE PERFECT

Directors who choose the crutch of magical realism when approaching a Sam Shepard play would be better served by recognizing the magic of realism as Cyndy A. Marion has skillfully done in THE LATE HENRY MOSS.

Andrea Stevens, The New York Times on THE LATE HENRY MOSS

While Eyes for Consuela may always have some shadowy corners, Marion has lit up a whole part of the jungle we didn't even know was there. You should probably give her all your matches. 

Corbin Went, The New York Theatre Review

No one does Williams plays like White Horse.


Marion proves adept at Williams’ hyper-theatrical style, one which was rarely as hyper as in this work. And she’s ably assisted by Vaughan’s stellar performance as Zelda, one that is both heartbreakingly innocent and clear-eyed.


Tensions are continually built and broken, a testament to Shepard’s written rhythms and Marion’s expert staging.

Backstage on A LIE OF THE MIND

Marion and her cast deliver a deeply compelling staging of a great play.


Powerful performances by all actors, and a perfect set by Andis Gjoni, the production is one for the ages and most definitely Sam Shepard fans.

BroadwayWorld on EYES FOR CONSUELA

With Marion’s rock-solid direction, strong choices, and a great ensemble cast, this is one past you’ll want to be living in from first words to last.

offoffonline —Pick of The Week on THE LATE HENRY MOSS

IN THE BAR OF A TOKYO HOTEL hasn’t played in New York in more than 25 years, which only makes the sensitivity of the ensemble led by director Cyndy A. Marion all the more praiseworthy.

The New York Blade

I left the theatre awed by the talent of the actors under the direction of Cyndy A. Marion. Marion's thoughtful canvas, and the raw and refined talents of the actors combined, under the lighting design of Debra Leigh Siegel and the beautiful set by John C. Scheffler, to make a memorable experience. . . .The White Horse Theater Company pulls out the stops for this remarkable work.


It is a lovely interpretation of a Williams play. Capturing elements of tragedy, comedy, heartbreak and nostalgia. . .this is no doubt a testament to the actors, set design, and direction by Cyndy Marion.

Times Square Chronicles on I CAN'T IMAGINE TOMORROW

Captivating, provocative production with superb production values! Brilliant, well thought-through direction. 


Full of the rich language and florid imagery, Suddenly Last Summer brings intrigue, loss, and need into a humid New Orleans garden for a dangerous afternoon tete-a-tete. White Horse Theatre Company enriches this sultry classic with lavish design and emotional performances. This is a production of the play worth seeing.